4 Factors To Consider When Creating the Best Custom Foam Inserts

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Four factors are considered when creating the best custom foam inserts.

Have you ever opened a transit case only to see that items have moved within the case or some contents were broken? If that happens, you have not adequately protected the equipment in your transit case. One of the best ways to reduce movement and damage during transit is to place custom foam inserts within the transport case. At Kingwaych, Inc., we provide our clients with precise custom foam for protection that surpasses that offered by stock foam. How is custom foam designed? There are a few factors to consider when creating ideal custom foam inserts.

Product Weight and Fragility 

The weight and fragility of the items your custom foam inserts will protect are vital considerations. In some situations, you may be dealing with delicate and lightweight products. In that case, polyurethane foam can work well as it is designed for fragile products that don’t weigh much. The foam will be lightweight enough not to add any extra weight on top of the items, but it will still keep the items snug within the foam. 

If you need to cushion something much heavier, you will need a more durable and reinforced solution from the inside out. Custom foam inserts made from polyethylene have a dense texture made for heavier products. If you use light foam to cushion heavy products, those products could flatten the foam around them, defeating its purpose. 

Positioning and Cushioning Requirements 

Custom foam inserts are designed to suit the case they will go in and to support the items that will be held in that case. This means you must know which items will be in your case and where to position them. This helps us select the best placement for each item within the foam and, ultimately, the configuration of the entire case. Deciding where each item will be placed in relation to each other is essential so no object is too close to another, and every piece has enough foam surrounding it to stay snug and protected during travel. 

Odd-Shaped Equipment

One of the primary benefits of custom foam inserts is the ability for this foam to precisely hold oddly-shaped items. Chances are most of the equipment you may carry as someone in the military, medical, or communications industry will not be a simple square, rectangle, or circle. Instead, there will be precise curves and angles that must be protected during transit. The custom foam is designed to fit each item precisely, so there is no risk of equipment moving around within the case and experiencing damage.

The Presentation of Your Case

Custom foam inserts are one factor contributing to an impressive presentation of your final transport case. You want to be perceived as professional, competent and prepared when handling equipment or tools. Containing your equipment within cases equipped with high-quality materials, secure locks, and precise custom foam will demonstrate to anyone employing your services that you take your work seriously. 


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