Aluminum Cases For Rough Shipping & Handling

Aluminum Cases For Rough Shipping & Handling

Aluminum cases harbor many exceptional benefits, such as keeping sensitive equipment protected while being transported.

Aluminum cases harbor many exceptional benefits, such as keeping sensitive equipment protected while being transported. Fragile items need protection, and aluminum cases serve that role just fine.

A well-made aluminum case frees you from the worries of rough shipping and handling of delicate items, which is much cheaper than designing more durable contents to put in a case.

There are other materials that serve their own purpose for case design. But aluminum cases are much lighter, can handle bigger loads, and endure harsh weather. Also, they have rigid outer frameworks that are needed to let isolation systems function properly.

Engineered Isolation System

An engineered isolation system helps keep your case contents protected even when handled roughly or dropped. These systems work when the case body is rigid, like with an aluminum case.

Foam cushioning, as well as shock mount isolation, are meant to control the displacement of anything inside the case. This ensures that items are being tossed around as little as possible from within your aluminum case. If this rigid exterior framework is removed, fragile items like electronics would be at greater risk of getting damaged while being transported.

There are other materials you can use to absorb shock. But aluminum cases are among the best for protecting your belongings from extreme handling, particularly with heavy loads.

Aluminum Case Engineering

You could go with a material like plastic for shock absorption since it can deform and reform its structure. However, plastic doesn’t do well in extreme temperatures. Intense heat and biting cold will cause the plastic to crack and break. Aluminum cases are more durable and can withstand these harsh weather conditions.

A sturdy aluminum case also protects the items inside when the case is vibrating. But in addition, aluminum cases make it easier to predict the amount and design or the absorption materials you need in the case.

Finally, aluminum cases are great for heavy loads, even as heavy as 300+ pounds. Other materials can’t handle that kind of weight. Because of the lightweight nature of aluminum, you can put many more items inside your case. When you can fit more weight in a case, you don’t have to worry about needing additional cases to fit what couldn’t be stored.

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