Georgian Deadlock and Latch Installation Guide

Georgian Deadlock and Latch Installation Guide

This article pertains specifically to the installation of Georgian Deadlocks and Latches. All About Doors & Windows carries these and would be happy to answer any questions you have about this article or our product.

Please read all instructions carefully before beginning installation.

Tools Required:

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • 5/16 inch Drill Bit
  • Centerpunch.

Before You Install:

  • 1) Make sure you install your hardware so that the deadlock does not interfere with the entrance latch. (Standard lock spacing measures 7-1/4in; from the top screw on the deadbolt to the bottom screw on the latch.)
  • 2) Before drilling installation holes, check that the inside elements will reach the strike plate and not interfere with the Z bar (essentially the edge of the frame of the door, usually metal).
  • 3) Measure the thickness of your door and use the chart below to find the correct spindle and screws:

Installation of Deadlock:

  1. 1) Attach the key cylinder to the outside plate by inserting the key cylinder into the outside plate and turning the key one half turn (180°). Remove the key from the cylinder prior to further installation.

  1. 2) From the outside, guide the outside deadlock assembly through the installation holes. Insert the flat spindle through the center hole and into the key cylinder. See Fig. 1 for correct insertion of spindle in the key cylinder.
  2. 3) On the inside of the door install the deadlock over the flat spindle with the bolt extended toward the jamb. Insert the two machine screws though the deadlock and draw both sides of the deadlock together.
  3. 4) With the door closed, extend the deadbolt and position the square strike on the jamb to engage the deadbolt. Install the strike. If needed, use shims to extend the strike.
  4. (Optional) If a flat strike is required, extend the bolt to the locked position. Mark the outline of the bolt where it contacts the jamb. Chisel clearance for the bolt in the jamb, and install the flat strike.

Installation of Latch:

  1. 1) Rotate the outside handle so that it is aligned as shown in the above illustration.
  2. 2) Insert the square spindle into the square hole in the back of the outside handle assembly.
  3. 3) Guide the outside handle assembly through the installation holes from the outside.
  4. 4) Guide the inside latch over the square spindle. Insert the two machine screws through the inside latch and draw the assembly and latch together. Do not over tighten as this may cause the latch to bind.
  5. 5) Close the door. From the inside, position the strike on the jamb to engage the latch bolt a minimum of 1/4 inch. If needed, use shims to extend the strike. In some applications, the Z bar may be used for latching.

To maintain proper operation of your door hardware, periodically check your mounting screws and tighten if needed.