How to Install Float-Away Bifold Doors

How to Install Float-Away Bifold Doors

How to Install Float-Away Bifold Doors

Install Track:

  1. Position upper track 5/8″ (16mm) from edge.
  2. Center in opening
  3. Fasten with screws.
  4. Fasten bottom track directly below upper.

Hang Door:

  1. Insert threaded pivot pin (part #26558) in lower pivot block hole.
  2. Pull upper pivot pin down and engage in pivot block hole.
  3. Pull remaining pins down at top and up on bottom and engage in track.

Adjust Height:

  1. Loosen locknut.
  2. Turn threaded pivot pin until top of door is 1/8″ (3mm) below track. Tighten locknut.

How to Install Handle on Mirror Door:

  1. Insert handle in slot on edge of door.
  2. Rotate handle 90 degrees.
  3. Push handle through slot.
  4. Secure handle to door flange.

How to Limit Door Travel (If Desired):

  1. Remove door.
  2. Unsnap upper guide pin from present location and snap into adjacent hole. Repeat for lower guide pin.

How to Adjust Doors Horizontally (If Necessary):

  1. If doors are not in line, loosen screws in top and bottom tracks.
  2. Shift tracks in opposite directions to correct. Tighten screws.
  3. **Note: If bottom track is fastened to cement, loosen pivot block screws and slide pivot blocks to correct.

Knob Installation for Non-Mirror Door:

How to Install Felt Pads:

  1. Remove felt pads from plastic bag. Peel pad from backing.
  2. Place pads on edge of door opposite each hinge.

Special Instructions to Change Opening Direction of Door:

  1. Remove door.
  2. Unsnap pins and move to similar location on opposite panel.
  3. Snap into holes.

Special instructions for Doors Without Knob Holes:

  1. Drill 3/16″ hole in guide panel for knob.