Hoppe Oil Rubbed Brass Living Finish Details

Hoppe Oil Rubbed Brass Living Finish Details

Hoppe handles and hardware come in a variety of finishes, including an Oil Rubbed Brass Living Finish. When first purchased, this finish will appear a dark brown color. Over time, the top coat of finish will wear off with continued use, exposing a lighter bronze color on the areas with the most use while leaving the less-used parts of the hardware the darker color.

The following is taken from the Hoppe Oil Rubbed Brass Finish Properties Guide

As unique as an original work of art, no two pieces will be exactly alike. Colors and textures are intensified with time, and the appearance evolves to reflect the environment in which it has been placed. Exterior hardware will patina differently than interior hardware, just as pieces that are continually touched will wear differently than those that are not.

While Oil Rubbed Brass (ORB) finishes are increasingly popular for their rustic, old-world appearance, a true and living ORB finish is not for everyone. It is important for the discriminating consumer to understand how intrinsic variations will affect the appearance of the hardware particularly when the hardware is new. For example, strikes receive an additional finishing process due to contact with the door latch. Hinges and cylinders also experience a special process due to the number of moving parts on these items. Initial colors may vary approximately. However, these are the inherent imperfections that ultimately result in the desirable aesthetic of a Living Oil Rubbed Brass finish.